20+ Thoughtful Best Friend Gift Ideas That Make Their Hearts Smile

by Josh Bawker on Sep 13, 2021

20+ Thoughtful Best Friend Gift Ideas That Make Their Hearts Smile

It’s no secret that friendship is one of life’s most treasured gifts. It brings us joy, laughter, and comfort when we need it the most. And there are few better ways to show your friendship than with a thoughtful gift you know they will love. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for best friends or family members—we have something for everyone on this list! From personalized friendship coffee mugs to comfy blankets that say “You Rock!”. These 20 thoughtful best friend gift ideas will make any friend smile from ear to ear. 

Mugs are a friendship staple. But what if you want to give your friend something truly special? Something that will make their heart smile? That’s where we come in! We have 20 of the best, most meaningful best friend gift ideas for you and your friends. Start with our mugs and other thoughtful items like personalized friendship coffee mugs, throw pillows, canvas prints, and more. We've got fun stuff too - like hoodies and t-shirts - because who doesn't love wearing clothes or drinking from a mug that has meaning behind it? You'll find all these items right here on our site at affordable prices, so don't wait; scroll down and get ready for some serious heartwarming moments ahead!  

1. Personalized friendship coffee mugs

Honestly, I don’t think anything can get better than personalized friendship mugs to make your friend smile every time they use them. You are able to choose which friendship quote fits your friendship best and personalize it with their name! The customized mug is an inexpensive gift that anyone would be happy to receive, while still being thoughtful enough for someone close to your heart. We have over eighty different friendship quotes that we print on our mugs, including quotes about friendship, sisterhood, best friends forever, etcetera! There truly is something for everyone! Where else can you find a friendship mug that reflects your friendship perfectly? Also, our personalized friendship mugs are made with ceramic and come in different colors!

It's the friendship mugs you feel good about giving, friendship mugs that offer sentiment without breaking the bank. The best thing? These friendship mugs are on sale! That means it’s time for you to get one (or two!) of these friendship mugs for yourself or for your best friend. With all sorts of different styles - like our friendship canvas bags, personalized friendship coffee mugs, and more - we know you’ll find the right mug no matter what. For friendship mugs, you can find them all at Mowment.

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2. BFF Funny quotes blanket 

This gift is for a friend with a witty sense of humor. You can find friendship gift ideas in many sizes, but this gift is just the right size to snuggle up with. Have you ever wanted to show your friend how much they mean to you? Well, now you can! It's also perfect for a friend with a witty sense of humor because it's got friendship quotes printed on it! What friendship gift idea could be better than that?! You can choose between many friendship quotes, like friendship quotes about love or friendship quotes about being yourself. You are able to choose which friendship quote fits your friendship best! Where else are you going to find friendship ideas that are personalized just for you? Best of all? Get yours here:

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3. Unique T-shirt matching friendship

The personalized t-shirt is a timeless gift idea for friends! With so many different friendship t-shirts available, you'll be able to find the one that's perfect for your friend. This is an inexpensive way to show them how much they mean to you. If you're looking for friendship gift ideas, a friendship t-shirt is a great option! These friendship t-shirts are available in many different colors and styles, so it will be easy to find one that suits your friend. 

Did we mention they're personalized? That means you can choose which friendship quote fits your friendship best and print it on the front of the shirt. It's perfect for fashion-forward friends who want friendship quotes that show their personality! Best of all? They are designed to match friendship mugs so you and your bestie will have a one-of-a-kind sentimental collection. It’s a gift that symbolizes a lifelong bond in a creative way to your friends who can’t stop giggling at their silliness.

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4. Name bracelet

A friendship bracelet is another friendship gift idea that I found for your friend. It's the perfect friendship gift for the friend who adores showing love with small gestures. A friendship bracelet is something they can wear, but its true meaning will always be displayed to others. They are able to show off what friendship means to them, and this friendship bracelet can come in many different styles! Friendship bracelets are also available in many sizes - including extra-large - which means you'll find one that fits any wrist size! This friendship gift idea is ideal for friends of all shapes and sizes. 

The personalized friendship bracelets are made with materials that are durable yet comfortable enough for daily wear. If you want a great way to show your friendship, then you need to get a personalized friendship bracelet today. Best of all? They're very affordable! That means you can really go all out without overspending on friendship gift ideas that cost too much money. You can also have quick processing and shipping times - most orders arrive in just two days! - which helps with last-minute shopping. Friendship bracelets are a great friendship idea for any friend who wants a thoughtful way to express their love for somebody special!

5. Custom socks

Custom friendship socks are one of our best friend gift ideas, and they make an excellent present to show how much you care. It's the perfect friendship gift for friends who love wearing crazy socks or funny-looking socks because it lets them stand out from the crowd! This friendship gift idea is perfect for friends who just want their friendship to be different and unique. 

It can also be a friendship gift idea for everyone because we have custom socks in every style you could possibly imagine! We've got friendship knee-highs and friendship ankle socks, too. Your friend will love this friendship gift idea because it's something they'll wear proudly every day. You are able to make your custom socks look exactly how you want them to, which means if you feel like having their name on the front of the sock, then your socks are going to have their name right there! As long as you buy friendship gifts that let your friendship shine, then anything goes with buying these friendship socks that are customized all the way. You can receive friendship socks that are affordable, cute, and comfortable too - which makes them friendship gift ideas that any friend would love!

6. Cute matching hoodies

A friendship gift idea that I found is a matching friendship hoodie. It's the perfect friendship gift to show your friendship with one of your friends - whether it be a best friend or just a really close friend. You're able to have two different prints on each side of the friendship hoodie, and this friendship gift idea will not only show how much you love each other, it will also help you stay warm in the wintertime. Friendship hoodies are made out of cuddly polyester fleece and cotton materials, so they're going to keep you warm and comfortable! These friendship hoodies are available in many sizes too, so no matter what size your friend is, they'll find a friendship hoodie that fits them perfectly.

This friendship gift idea is also great because friendship hoodies that are customized make it easier to keep track of your friendship. The friendship hoodie will feature a printed text or graphic with your friend's name right on the front! Your friendship won't be easily forgotten if you buy this friendship gift, and they'll thank you later by showing everyone how much they love their friendship.

7. DIY Legging

Another friendship gift idea that I found was a set of matching friendship leggings. This is a very comfy friendship gift ideal for friends who plan on spending a lazy day indoors together. These personalized friendship leggings also make a fantastic present for friends who like to spend time working out at the gym because these custom leggings are made with high-quality materials that will keep them comfortable and warm.

You're able to have friendship leggings personalized with different prints on each friendship legging, which means your friendship is going to stand out no matter what! This friendship gift idea is perfect for anyone looking for friendship gifts that can be easily customized since you'll be able to let your friend's personality help guide your decision on whether they'd like friendship leggings with a cute pattern or friendship leggings with their name on the print. You can even receive friendship leggings in either short length or long length if you plan on doing yoga together, so there's no limit when it comes to customizing these friendship legwear items!

Personalized Face leggings Custom Photo Leggings Funny image 0

8. Friendship garden flag

A beautiful garden flag is perfect for friends with beautiful backyards. If you're looking for friendship gift ideas that are perfect for friends who have outdoor patios or porches, then this friendship garden flag is what you've been looking for. It's a friendship gift that they won't want to take down when the weather gets cold because it's a friendship gift that looks great at any time of year. You can also get friendship garden flags for friends who have a small garden or mini-garden in front of their house. If you're looking for friendship gifts to make your friends look nice, then this friendship garden flag is one of our best friend gift ideas!

It's got bold colors, and features an elegant font which means it's going to instantly add charm to any yard or porch where it is placed - friend or otherwise! The beautiful design will let everyone know about your friendship, and they'll think the friendship garden flag must have cost a fortune too. That's what makes friendship gifts like this garden flag one of the best friendship gift ideas - it's not just a friendship gift that looks nice, but it also hides how little you actually spent!

The best part about receiving a personalized garden flag as a friendship gift with your friend's name and birthday on it is that they'll always remember how much you care about them. They'll keep this friendship present outside in their flower bed in their yard, and every time they look at their friendship flag, they'll be reminded of how special they are to you - friendship gift ideas like these make friendship a priority!

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9. Friendship Themed Photo Framed 

A personalized friendship gift idea like custom canvases makes a wonderful present to give to friends who love photography. This is because they make the perfect present to capture all of the memories between you and them! It'll be something they look back on fondly when thinking of good times spent together with all the mutual support.

They're something you'll cherish forever too! Custom canvases also make awesome friendship gifts ideas for friends who love decorating their house, because friendship canvas prints are something they can display in every room. It's also a great gift idea if you want something that'll make everyone you know smile when they know it's from you. We offer not only friendship canvas prints but friendship posters as well, which make friendship gifts that can really brighten up a room. Canvas friendship print also the custom frame is another way to personalize your friendship gifts with love and care.

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10. Jigsaw puzzle

If you love to keep your friendship alive with someone special, then you might want to gift them a friendship puzzle gift. It’s an easy gift that they can enjoy any time or bring with them on vacation and play while sitting in front of the pool. Puzzles are great friendship gifts because they make for a great bonding experience.

Puzzle friendship gifts also make excellent friendship gifts for friends who like outdoor activities and games! For example, one of the best friendship puzzle gift ideas we have is our 500-piece puzzles; we have friendship puzzles that fit into a small suitcase! So if your friend is going on a long trip overseas, then they're able to pack up their friendship gifts and take them with them wherever they go.

Modern Best Friends 12 Photo Collage Besties BFF Jigsaw Puzzle | Custom  Gift |

11. Custom best friends sweater

If you're looking for friendship gift ideas that are perfect for friends who live in cold climates or who love wearing cozy clothing day in and day out, then you need to get them a custom friendship sweater today! This way, they'll get something they'll love while also getting your friendship message across. It's the perfect gift!

Custom gifts don't just have to be small things. Sometimes, it's the friendship gifts that look like they took the most effort that really means the most. Get your best friend their favorite sweater in her favorite color, or make one in her favorite color! The sweater friendship gift idea I found is perfect for friends who love collecting sweaters and want something unique to put on in the cold weather. You'll also find custom friendship gifts here for all of your friends - no matter who they are or what they like! It's great for when you're in need of friendship gifts for any occasion because we've got something for everyone.

12. Friendship shoes

Shoes are a good friendship gift for people of all ages. It's great for when you're in need of friendship gifts for any occasion because we've got something for everyone. This friendship gift idea is perfect for friends who live in cold climates or who love wearing cozy clothing day in and day out, so get them some new shoes! Your friend will love this friendship gift idea because they're something they'll wear proudly every day. Any friendship shoe is a good friendship shoe, but friendship waterproof shoes are ideal if your friend goes outside on rainy days or spends time near the water. 

Friendship dress shoes are always an excellent choice, but sometimes you want something flashy - some friendship heels might do the trick! They make a friendship gift idea for a friend who's a big fan of standing out from the crowd and making a statement. You can also find friendship shoes in all sorts of different colors, styles, and sizes, so you'll be sure to find something your friends will love!.

Custom Shoes Women Selfie Shoes Personalized Shoes Slip On image 4

13. Perfume gift set

It's an excellent friendship gift for friends who want something simple and sweet as a friendship gift. Perfume friendship gifts are one of the best friendship gifts because they can be given as a thoughtful birthday present, graduation present, or the perfect friendship gift for any occasion at all! It's a friendship gift idea that can be given to anyone - no matter what their style.

Friendship gifts don't always have to be about friendship mugs or friendship bracelets where you write in their name. Sometimes, friendship gifts can be simple and sweet like a perfume friendship gift set. It's one of the best friendship gift ideas for friends who love wearing great smelling perfumes all the time because it's a way for them to keep their friends close with you no matter what they're doing day in and day out!

14. Earrings

If you're looking for friendship gift ideas that are ideal for friends who love wearing earrings, then this friendship idea is perfect for you. You can get your friend any kind of earring they can imagine - from friendship earrings to studs to hoops to dangling earrings, there are all sorts of friendship gifts for people who love to wear them! This friendship idea is also great for when you need a friendship gift idea in a hurry because it's available both online and in stores. That means you won't have to worry about not being able to find the perfect friendship gift just because it's too late to order something online.

The best thing about this friendship idea is that it's very personalized. You're able to have friendship earrings that are embroidered with friendship phrases that go right into the friendship gift. You can also get friendship earrings of all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs! It's whatever makes your friendship smile - friendship gifts on the front of friendship bracelets are perfect for friends who love jewelry.

Best Friend Earrings image 0

15. Custom phone cases

Phone cases are an excellent friendship gift idea for friends who love their smartphones. It's the perfect friendship gift because it shows that you care about them and you want to keep their phone safe.

Phone case friendship gifts are also great for people who love personalized items since they can be customized with your friend's name on the back of the case. This is one of our best friend gift ideas, so if you have a friend who needs a new friendship gift idea, then this is the perfect friendship gift for them!

Best friend girls love life Phone Case Cover Fits for iPhone image 0

16. Friendship-themed bag

A bag is one of those friendship gifts that has some real impact on the friendship. A friendship bag isn't just any ordinary bag, it's a friendship-themed bag! You can find some really nice friendship bags - including personalized friendship bags - on the marketplace. These gifts are perfect for friends who enjoy collecting unique and special items. If you're looking for a new way to show how much you care about your friend and want them to know how much you care, then friendship bags are worth thinking about as a great friendship gift idea to show their friendship in ways other than just wishing your friend a happy birthday or letting them know you care with friendship greeting cards. 

A friendship bag or handbag can be used in so many different circumstances, and it makes for one of the best friendship gifts out there! Instead of getting something you could have gotten anywhere, get your friend something meaningful instead. Getting your friend a friendship bag is definitely going to leave an impression because friendship bags aren't found everywhere, which means they'll always think about you when they see it! 

Personalized Best Friend Birthday Gift Makeup Bag Best Friends image 0

17. Bestie Glass

Phenomenal glass is the newest and greatest friendship gift idea. One of the reasons friendship gifts such as these are becoming more popular is because they're great for any occasion, not just birthdays. If your friends love wine and also love giving meaningful gifts to their friends, then this friendship gift idea is perfect for them! The best part about phenomenal glass friendship gifts is that you can get them engraved with a personalized message so your friend will always remember why they have such a meaningful friendship! It's friendship gift ideas like phenomenal glass that remind us our friendship is more than just words, it's about showing your friendship in thoughtful ways when you have the chance.

Buy them a phenomenal friendship glass so they can pour their best friend friendship wine, friendship tea, or friendship juice! These friendship glasses are great for people who love being creative with their gifts. They're perfect for when you want to show how much you care in a creative way! Friendships are all about creativity and spark, which makes these friendship gifts perfect for friends who love their relationships meaningful - regardless of what that relationship looks like. 

Cheers My Beautiful Bestie 15oz Stemless Wine Glass from Celebrimo

18. Friendship Throw pillow

"It's difficult to find highly rated personalized friendship gifts, but there's a friendship gift that's going to make their day for sure! Who wouldn't want a friendship pillow with their name on it? This friendship gift idea is perfect for friends who love having items around the house that remind them of friendship and how much it means. They'll love this friendship idea, I promise you." Throw pillows are great because they're things that people will enjoy, treasure, and cherish. What's not to love about personalized friendship gifts?

You can get personalized friendship throw pillows in any color you want, with any pattern or design on the front of them - this is one of those friendship gifts that will make your friend feel like they've got a part of you with them all the time. It's hard to find friendship gift ideas that will be as meaningful as this one

19. Touch screen gloves 

If your best friend has a birthday coming up, and they live in an area where there is snow on the ground year-round, friendship gloves could be a great friendship gift idea! These gifts will let your friends know that you're thinking of them at all times, even when the weather outside isn't conducive to being outdoors for too long. Friendship gloves are going to keep your friend's hands warm and at the same time remind them of what a special friendship they have with you - because it's tough to think about anything else when wearing these friendship gifts. This is one of those friendship gifts that anyone would love to receive.

"You can't go wrong with friendship gloves as friendship gifts! They're one of those friendship gifts that are perfect because everyone can use them and they'll always think about friendship when they put friendship gloves on. If you live in a cold area, or even if you don't, friendship gloves make excellent friendship gift ideas for your BFF." 

Friendship gifts are a great way to show that you care about your friendship. When it comes to getting them a gift, think outside the box and consider friendship gloves or personalized friendship mugs instead of ordinary things they could have gotten anywhere else. These friendship gifts will always remind your friend what an important part of their life you are! 

Thanos knitted gloves | Etsy

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